About Me

I am a public tax accountant, which may seem like a calm, easy going job, but like many industries it has its major stresses. When I first started my career I realized that from January through April I will be working close to 80 hours a week, then it would slow down to 50 for the rest of the year. I do love my job and want to be successful; however, I have other aspirations as well. I want to travel, make meals like I had growing up, and do fun projects around the house. My parents were able to do it, why can’t I? Pinterest seemed like the answer to this problem.

Pinterest appeared to be the social media site that can take my multiple lists, add pictures, and organize them. I started to go down this road thinking it would solve my life’s problems. I quickly discovered I wasn’t solving my problem of finding time to fit in my hobbies and ambitions, but adding to it. I was stressed out and felt like I should be able to do more and better. I was frustrated when I wasn’t able make dinner every night and when a weekend would pass by without me finishing a project.

I was so irritated with online recipes, people posting their cool projects that “only took an hour,” and all these amazing places people have visited. As I saved these to my list and searched the internet, I found that many of these travel destinations didn’t even exist, the projects would take someone with far more skills than myself, and the recipes were a flop. My problem was that I had little time, and now I had spent time and effort on something that wasn’t achievable.

So began Realistic Me. I started intensely researching recipes that had minimal ingredients, testing them to truly see how long they took (including chopping), and if they were really worth the time. This morphed into other ideas such as finding realistic projects around the house, and travel planning. Vacations take time and energy, but the point of them is to disconnect and relax. Seemed like an oxymoron. So I attempted to figure out how to do this, while at the same time not running myself into the ground.

The objective is that this can be your trusted website where you will only find real people and honest stories. This is a site where no one is perfect, in fact, we celebrate imperfection. Imperfection means that we are real and trying to improve ourselves. Acknowledging that we are human, that take out is necessary sometimes, and that it is okay you don’t have 4 hours a week to spend on crafts, is what we are all about. I hope you find this site helpful, and you are able to achieve your goals in a realistic, stress free environment!  


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