Thursday, November 12, 2020

Arabic: Clarification and Requests

I'm not sure if we will have another chapter with only 35 new vocabulary lists or less, so definitely take advantage of this chapter. It has a small list, and great grammar lessons so is an amazing opportunity for us to catch up previous difficult vocabulary words and to really understand some of the grammar lessons.

Also with there being a limited amount of vocab words taught in this lesson, we are able to focus on our pronunciation and how we are forming sentences. We can ask native Arabic speakers who to say a particular word and how to expand upon the explanation. 

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After you are done reviewing the grammar lessons in this chapter, do make sure that you take note of the vocabulary. The list may be small, but it is mighty! This lesson provides a lot of essential verbs and words that we will need to know well as we continue to learn Levantine Arabic. 

Make sure you review the list thoroughly, and since it is so short, maybe skip the 80% rule this time around. Make sure you can pronounce every word clearly and have it memorized before moving on. This will help as you continue on to future lessons. 

Vocabulary List

If the short vocabulary list left you wanting more, check out the sources below!
  • Mango has great review features at the end of each section including a reading and listening exercise. Also check out the flashcard and recap option!
  • Review my chapter summary and vocabulary list here! Add it to your collection from the previous chapters. 
  • All the vocab words are on my Memrise page.
  • If possible, sit down with a native Arabic speaker and ask them how your pronunciation is of the vocabulary you have learned. This is a great chance to use the grammar and vocab of this chapter to review the vocabulary of the past lessons.
  • Songs to help train your ear. Note: it is far too early in your learning to understand a song completely. The point is to familiarize yourself with the different sounds commonly used in Arabic and to keep an ear out for the words you have learned.
    • Listen to my Levantine Arabic Spotify list as you work and see what you pick up.


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