Saturday, November 14, 2020

Arabic: Compliments and Corrections

Wow at this point of the course, we have learned so much. We are in this awkward state where we know almost 1,000 words, but there are so many more that we need to learn. It can be an exciting point of learning Levantine Arabic, but lets be honest, it can be discouraging as well. 

We have put in been so much time to put into learning, and we are only 15% of the way through the whole course. Some words can still be a challenge and we are still learning more. Recognize this feeling and don't try to push it aside. 

You're not the only one going through this, and try to join a community that is also learning. Know that there may be challenging words now, and as you continue to work these words will become easier and easier. You will look back and laugh at how you struggled with certain things.

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Know this and keep persevering; you will get this and you will learn more and more. I'm certainly feeling this way at this time and will try to take the advice above. I'll focus on the vocabulary and grammar taught in this lesson, and do a review of the past lessons. 

Remembering to be gentle as I make mistakes and to celebrate my successes. Below is the vocabulary from this chapter. 

Vocabulary List

In addition to the this chapter, I have resources below. If you're feeling good go ahead and dive into the details below. If you are overwhelmed, take a break and focus on just the Mango Languages lessons. You don't have to do more, and sometimes more is not best!

  • Mango has great review features at the end of each section including a reading and listening exercise. Also check out the flashcard and recap option!
  • All the vocab words are on my Memrise page.
  • Check out my chapter summary of this lesson.
  • We expanded on the word to speak in this chapter. Check out this video that goes over all the conjugations of this word in Arabic.
  • Remember that ‘fi’ means there is/there are. In this chapter we see it come back as how to ask someone if he/she can do something. Check out this video to review how we have learned this word in past chapters.
  • Songs to help train your ear. Note: it is far too early in your learning to understand a song completely. The point is to familiarize yourself with the different sounds commonly used in Arabic and to keep an ear out for the words you have learned.
    • Listen to my Levantine Arabic Spotify list as you work and see what you pick up.
    • Remember that song, Albi eh Albi, we listened to in a previous lesson as additional work. Here is a more in-depth explanation of that song, which includes more of our vocab words from this chapter.



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