Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo Baltimore Maryland
On our stay in Washington DC, we were visiting family up in Baltimore and had to find a hotel. We wanted to stay close to family, but also wanted to be close to things to do while we weren't visiting everyone. The Hotel Indigo was the perfect location; it was in the Mount Vernon district, very close to Inner Harbor. We could take an Uber quickly and cheaply to my relatives and fun things to do in Inner Harbor, like Little Italy.
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When we arrived, the staff was really friendly and explained to us where to park our car in the garage across the street. We actually arrived before check in and were just planning on hanging out in the bar, but the front desk attendant was so nice, she gave us an early check in with no problems.

We had requested a corner room when making the reservation, but we were amazed that we actually got it! Normally we put in this preference halfheartedly, but don't really expect to get what we asked for. The room, 701, was so bright, and had windows all around. There was a long hallway that made you feel like you were staying in a studio, rather than a cramped hotel room.

Long hallway entrance to our room

My husband and I always intensely check the cleanliness of the room before settling in, after getting "burnt" a couple of times. We looked around and were impressed that the room was recently renovated and very clean. We didn't have to request different pillows or anything, and quickly unpacked.
Bed at Hotel Indigo

The room had so much space that we were able to find a place for our three suitcases, two backpacks, laptops, and other items we like to have out. There was a great cabinet where we could put our suit and dress for the wedding we were in town for as well. I do wish that the room had a dresser so I could have unpacked and not live out of my suitcase, but loved the extra space in the room due to there not being one.

Room at Hotel Indigo

We stayed for four nights and slept comfortably every night. You do have city noise occasionally, but it wasn't disturbing as we were on a higher floor and slept soundly each night. Even my brother, who plays music loudly, was in the room next to us, and we couldn't hear him at all.

Bed at Hotel Indigo

When we were checking out we requested a late checkout since our flight wasn't leaving until the evening and my husband had to work remotely. The front desk attendant happily helped us with that request, and we didn't have to find a place where my husband could work and store all of our luggage during the day. When checkout time did come around, my husband was able to finish the day in the hotel's office center and the hotel stored our luggage.

We were so happy that we will be staying back at Hotel Indigo whenever we need to visit family in Baltimore, and we will be assured that we will have a great experience. We have stayed at many hotels, some claiming to be high-end, and we have been very disappointed. Hotel Indigo was not only not like this, but supremely exceeded our expectations! If you would like to book a stay, visit Hotel Indigo's website!
Hotel Indigo


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