Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cheap Flights from Seattle: December 12, 2017

As a Seattle native I'm constantly looking out for cheap flights and deals that are out of SeaTac. It drives me nuts when I get a cheap flight alert, and it is out of NYC or LAX. That doesn't help me! What are the best deals leaving Seattle?!

Best Flight as of 12/12/17
To: London (LGW) roundtrip nonstop

Price: Starting at $410 (normally $800)

When: Late January, February

Airline: Norwegian Air

Example: Jan 21 - Jan 31 This is nonstop! 

What to Do: Visit Buckingham Palace, meet the Queen, and finally get your Hogwarts letter!

As a heads up, these are my traveling preferences:

  • I like non-stop to one layover only. More than two I normally arrive a very angry person who has lost faith in humanity, so I keep it to none or one. 
  • I tend to travel with a carry on only, so watch out for extra bag fees as I don't include those in the price. 
  • I'm open to all airlines and typically pick the cheapest; however, if the price difference is small or the same, I will pick Alaska as that is my preferred airline. 

Cheap Flights from Seattle: December 12, 2017


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