Thursday, June 28, 2018

Learning Levantine Arabic: Do You Speak English?

Arabic Chapter 2: Lesson 4-6

Now we are talking! In this chapter I feel like I am really starting to put together sentences and beginning in the nitty gritty. However now the real work begins. Where I felt like I was breezing in the first chapter, now comes real memorizing and work.

Overview and Tips of Chapter 2
  • This chapter is great for covering cultural notes, and gives a great insight to conversations in Arabic. 
  • In this chapter you will begin to learn conversation starters, and start forming sentences. 
  • Also when starting to form sentences, you will learn how to form the negative version of that sentence. 
  • In this chapter only the first and second person are introduced. 
Grammar Lessons of Chapter 2
It is not necessary to use separate words for I (أنَا) or you (اِنْتَا). The form of the verb changes when you want to specific would the doer is. The word مَا comes before verbs (like it does in English) and can mean not, don't, doesn't, or didn't. Depending on who is speaking, the formation of the verb can change. For example men say آسِف and women say آسْفَة. In Arabic, there are abbreviations like there are in English. For example أمْرِيكَا , is shortened from لوِلايَات المُتَّحِدة الأمْرِيكِيَّة.
Practice outside of Mango:
  • Memrise course to go over and practice the vocabulary used on the Mango app. 
  • Download a list of Chapter 2's vocabulary. 
  • KeefakLite App: The Introduce Yourself course is a great pairing with the Mango Chapter. It introduces additional vocabulary and similar description words than the Mango App. For example, Mango teaches the word bkher for fine, while the KeefakLite App teaches mnih for good. 
  • This is a good time to get familiar with how Arabic sounds. I thought that listening to something without understanding the exact meaning was a waste of time; however, it really works. Familiarize yourself with how people speak Arabic! Try listening to my Arabic playlist on Spotify, has great beginner songs!



  1. I tried to learn Arabic when I was a kid, it was really hard, but good luck!

    1. Thanks! It is hard, but it has been a fun challenge!