Monday, June 18, 2018

Levantine Arabic: Week 1 Summary

Learning Arabic: Week 1

I just finished my first week of learning Arabic, and I have discovered a few things:
  • My throat hurts from trying to properly pronounce words
  • This probably wasn't the easiest language to start learning
  • I have a long way to go....
I think the last point is one I am going to be feeling for some time! Learning a language can really be defeating! Something that was so easy to me (saying hello), now makes my brain hurt. I'm sure my face looks something like this when trying to pronounce words perfectly.
Camel Struggling

It will be worth it, and I know I will look back to this moment and laugh that it was hard to say hello. However, while you are there, it doesn't feel so good. It is difficult to not be hard on myself during this time, but I try to gently remind myself that I am just starting and doing great for trying.

I can't put on rose colored glasses all the time, and do have to be real with myself. It is difficult with a full time job, friends to see, and daily life errands, to keep up with studying a language!

This week I did not do the best, as I am trying to set a new routine into my schedule. I thought I was going to do the Mango app while driving to work; however, I discovered I wanted to see the words on the screen. So I needed to sit down and have a time where I could see the words and go over the lesson slowly.

This became an excuse for me to not study, and I really started to procrastinate. However, I did finish Chapter One of the Mango App like I was planning. This chapter was easier, so this will have to be something I keep in mind going forward. As things get more difficult, it will be easier to slip behind.
Arabic: Chapter 1: Lesson 1-3

With this in mind, I think I will enter next week with a renewed energy and focus. I will try to carve out time to specifically sit down so I can focus on the lesson. We shall see how it goes....

If you are also learning a language, I would love to hear how your first week went. Hearing the stories and struggles of others, I think will help any language learners!
Levantine Arabic: Week 1 Summary


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