Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Arabic: Languages and Origins

After all the vocabulary and grammar that was packed into Chapter 1, this lesson was a nice reprieve. There was so much to learn in the first chapter and everything was so new, that I became a little overwhelmed. I started to panic that each chapter would be like this and I would not be able to keep up. 

Fortunately, the repetitive nature and the familiar vocabulary made this lesson breeze by! There isn't much grammar to take in either which makes it a simple memorization game. The grammar that is covered piggybacks on what we learned in chapter 1 and we learn how to negate things. 

Mango Unit 1, Chapter 2, Slide 1 Mango Unit 1, Chapter 2, Slide 2 Mango Unit 1, Chapter 2, Slide 3 Mango Unit 1, Chapter 2, Slide 4

Like this chapter, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet! Below is the vocabulary and you can review the Chapter summary here

If this chapter was too short and left you wanting more, check out the sources below. 

  • Mango has great review features at the end of each section including a reading and listening exercise. Also check out the flashcard and recap option!
  • All the vocab words are on my Memrise page.
  • Here is my chapter summary and vocab list!
  • If you are wanting another free Levantine Arabic app to complement Mango, I would suggest KeefakLite. The vocabulary is very similar; however, Keefak offers alternative words that will help expand your vocabulary if this chapter was too easy for you.
  • Songs to help train your ear. Note: it is far too early in your learning to understand a song completely. The point is to familiarize yourself with the different sounds commonly used in Arabic and to keep an ear out for the words you have learned.
    • A very comical song in both English and Arabic about a father telling his son how to pronounce words. The song covers a lot of chapter 1 and 2 vocab and will introduce you to other vocab.
    • Here are two Fairuz songs, who is a must know for an Arabic learner. She is prolific female singer in the Middle East. This song covers a lot of chapter 1 vocab and is a good refresher.


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