Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Arabic: Introductions and Professions

We are definitely still in the beginning/elementary stage of learning Levantine Arabic, but it really feels like our vocab is expanding in this chapter. It is fun to learn the professions and identify people I know who are lawyers, engineers, and managers. It makes it feel more real, if that makes any sense?

Now when I talk to my friend (hey that is a vocab word too!), I can think "oh Mark is an engineer, what is that word? Right مُهَنْدِسْ." It is just feels like we are getting closer to being able to put the lessons we are learning into real life, and we are only on Chapter 3!

We also learn some great grammar in this lesson. It is nice that we are starting to understand how to make possessive nouns. With the additional vocab, now we can expand that by making it possessive. I like to write down the noun we learn, and then make it masculine and feminine singular possessive as we learn in the chapter. Another great way to practice what we are learning through the Mango Languages app!

Below are some sources I found helpful to go beyond the app and to dive deeper in this lesson.

  • Mango has great review features at the end of each section including a reading and listening exercise. Also check out the flashcard and recap option!
  • Download my chapter summary and vocab list.
  • All the vocab words are on my Memrise page.
  • If you are struggling with noun and adjectives gender in Arabic check out this video by “Spoken Arabic Simplified.” She does a great job on training your ear to hear feminine nouns and adjectives. 
  • To learn more about introducing yourself and learning more countries check out this video by “Spoken Arabic Simplified.”
  • If you want something very challenging, check out the Arabic we Speak podcast on Lesson 2, Elementary level discussing day jobs.
How are you feeling so far? Overwhelmed? You're not the only one, so leave a comment below. We are all in this together.


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