Monday, November 2, 2020

Arabic: Places and Direction

Here we go! Starting a new unit in the Mango app! The first unit went by fast with only four chapters, and now it is time to really buckle down. I have a feeling this unit is really going to expand our vocabulary and general understanding in grammar rules. 

This chapter goes over direction and sights we might see if traveling in the Middle East. This chapter definitely makes you feel like you are studying an app that will help you get around as a tourist. If that is something you are looking for, great! If not, hang in there. Slowly but surely our vocabulary will expand. 

The grammar involved in this chapter really starts to get in depth. We start to see the idaffa construction more and learn the importance of masculine and feminine nouns. The classification of the noun will also impact how the adjectives are constructed. A feminine noun must be matched with the feminine form of the adjective. 

Below is the vocabulary covered in this chapter and download the vocab list here!

As always, below has more resources you can view to expand on this chapter. 

  • Mango has great review features at the end of each section including a reading and listening exercise. Also check out the flashcard and recap option!
  • View my chapter summary and review the vocab list along with the grammar covered in this lesson.
  • All the vocab words are on my Memrise page.
  • If you are wanting more phrases for sorry and no problem, check out this video!
  • If the vocabulary was light, take a look at this video which has some overlap, but definitely expands on what we learn in this chapter.


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